The internet has been accessible by many users and it has been increasing every day.There has been an ever increase in the rise of internet usage among adults and due to which digital marketing has been effective over the years. Digital marketing has been successful in connecting a wider audience to fit them into the right place and at the right time. Hence for your business to be successful, you should meet them online where they spend more time. You can incorporate Digital Marketing in your business by yourself, here are few top digital marketing trends 2019 that would give you some pointers on it.
Many new digital marketing trends and strategies evolve in the current
internet-connected and technology era. That gives a thought where business needs to make use of them to succeed as the requirements keep changing over a period.
1 SEO A/B Split Testing 
– Testing is important in marketing and that is the reason
for SEO A/B Split Testing is at the top in the list. This test is like all split testing, which allows you to segregate the variables that increase the traffic. This will enable you to take a targeted approach to the content change. Various available platforms like Clickflow would suggest pages with untapped SEO potential. This is a high-impression count but however, the low click-through rate (CTR) can be enhanced to improve clicks and traffic. Clickflow would allow you to choose your target CTR increase. It then serves up pages using a keyword report that contains the page rank and helps you to identify which keywords gain more traffic. When changes are made to the title, tag, body content, and meta description inside the app, they areautomatically reflected on your site.

2.  Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 – Artificial Intelligence takes you across the world
and it seems the largest commercial opportunity for industries and companies. AI is being incorporated in many businesses as it analyses consumer behaviour and search patterns. It makes use of data from various sources like blog posts and social media platforms that helps businesses to make a feel and understand the way customers find their services and products. Chatbots are one example of AI. It makes use of natural language processing software to translate the requirement of customers and respond to the customers as it is a real person. AI seems to be a driving force behind many services, and it is being utilized in areas like customer service chatbots, product recommendation, basic communication, content creation, e-commerce transactions, and email personalization. 

3. Programmatic Advertising 

– Programmatic advertising is the process of making use
of AI to automate ad buying to target more specific audiences. One such example is real-time bidding. This automation is more efficient and faster meaning that it hashigh conversions and low customer acquisition costs. This changes the face of digital advertising vastly. Programmatic advertising works the following way: Someone clicks on the webpage The page’s publisher put up the ad impression for auction The ad marketplace holds an auction with the advertisers who compete for the impression The advertiser who is willing to bid the most for the impression wins the right to display their ad The ad is then delivered to the prospective customer Customer them clicks on the ad and the advertiser would convert them to a sale and profits

– Chatbots are an important part of digital marketing. It makes use of
instant messaging to chat in real-time with your customers or site visitors. Most of the customers prefer to interact with chatbots as they are responsive throughout, your buying history accurately, provide prompt answers, and deals with customers with a lot of patience. It provides outstanding customer service and meets customer expectations. 

– Personalization is one of the digital marketing trends that
would make you stand out. You will need to personalize your content, emails,products, etc. Having customer data like consumer behaviour, purchase history, links clicks, and sophisticated software to implement campaigns, having a customer content has not been easier.
6. Video Marketing
 – One of the most important marketing trends today is video
marketing. Video is quite a popular way that customers would prefer to learn about new products. To get your video get high engagement, you can make a video post or also can start a live broadcast on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. One of the recent shifts is the use of mobile devices. 

7. Influencer Marketing
 – This is a word-of-mouth marketing that focuses to make use
of key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market. Influencers can be celebrities, but most often they are personalities from Instagram or YouTube.They can spread the word regarding your business or product using social channels. As influencer marketing is an authentic one, most people would trust other customer’s recommendations. This marketing is also going to be influenced by AI.Every year, AI creates the process to find the right influencers to partner with. It helps to identify customers with better engagement, high change to generate positive ROI, and fewer fake followers. AI also transforms influencer marketing in ways like image recognition, use NLP to determine influencer performance, predict incentives, flag posts, eliminate fake engagements and spam bots, etc.

8. Social Messaging Apps 

– People tend to spend more time to message each other and
due to which social messaging apps are quite popular. Hence it is appropriate to market your company’s services and products at the place where your potential customers hang out. Social messaging apps are useful to send messages to the customer directly because of personalization. Also, people expect businesses to make their presence on messaging apps as it is a direct and easy way to interact with the customers. The reasons to make use of messaging apps are cultivated contact, deliver information, boost sales, involve people in events, regain potential customers, and provide support and assistance.
9. Visual Search – 
The user experience gets to a new level by use of visual search.
People will be able to upload an image for search and get more specific results. 

10.Voice Search – 
One of the digital marketing strategies in voice search that has
been increasing over the years. It plays an important role to provide relevant information that people search through audio content. AI is getting smarter and the errors by many voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google had drastically come down. Voice search delivers value-based content efficiently to their customers. 

A lot of digital marketing company can also provide these services. However, once you get connected with them, they will guide you to incorporate digital marketing into your business and help you with the latest digital marketing trends. They would guide you to include digital marketing in your business and boost your ROI, Sales & Revenue.

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