20 Genuine online job sites to make $1000 per month (resource list)

1. Freelancer:

Freelancer is a well-known online job site. Thousands of projects are posted every hour and millions of work from home jobs are available for freelancers with little or good skills. Freelancer has 2 kinds of jobs, projects and contests. You can bid projects and get a job or attend contests and win prizes.

Most of the freelancing jobs pay $50 to $250 per day. If you have a good well written profile info and knowledge about what you do, you can earn good cash doing online jobs here. There are thousands of categories to suit every skill of all freelancers. They have huge list with 23,456 categories and over million projects every month. Freelancer pays direct to your back account once you complete the project. See the image below to have idea of online jobs they have.

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2. Upwork:

Similar to freelancer, up work is a great place with thousands of online jobs. Although upwork has an initial selection process, it is good for everyone with internet marketing or computer or designing or any skill to get job. Upwork also has huge online jobs in their website, many huge companies outsource workers to work online for them. They pay good amount for job you perform.

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Indeed is a US based jobs provider with millions of jobs. Their website is active in many countries. They cover almost every country in the world and provide part time jobs from local employers and projects. Indeed is reliable site with job verification. They are strict in avoiding scams. Unless freelancer or upwork, in Indeed you need to apply for jobs and get paid from employer, not from them. You can create your profile and upload resume to get suitable job. Indeed has various work from home jobs like virtual assistant, email support agent, data entry workers, transcription jobs, writer and editors, inbound call agent, home sales and tele-calling executive and thousands of jobs to name and list. The beauty of indeed is you can choose with salary range and search jobs. Job salary range from $25,000 per month to $75,000 per month. They have huge companies they pay well. Getting an online job from indeed can change your life forever with financial freedom.

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4.Survey cash Jobs:

This is a good part time job for people with spare time and computer. These jobs do not need any skills or hard work. You can do this job even on the go with your mobile phones. Answering and sharing your opinion about the apps, websites, products, services you earn good money. $100 or $200 a week to supplement your regular income. Survey jobs are easy and fun to do. Using your mobile phone, laptop, email and little spare time this work can be done. 13 years old to 90 years old can do this work. These jobs do not have any age restriction or country restriction. Most of the US citizens, UK, Canada, Australia Citizens make a living with this job and earn extra income in spare time. Many European and Asian countries people also have started doing this job.

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Monster is a big and good job site where you can apply for online jobs and work from home tasks. Monster has more than a million job regularly every month. If you are a job seeker or work from home worker, you have to submit your resume to monster, once you applied, your inbox will be filled with plenty of job offers from various companies and online employers. This is a great resource of part time jobs. Design a good resume and submit to monster today.

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6. Fiverr

Fiverr is a micro gig website, where you can find millions of freelance gigs. There are millions of buyers from small to big companies who use fiverr. Fiverr is a place where you can make some extra income from any skill that you have. You can get paid either by PayPal or Payoneer. You do not need to submit any application or resume. You can straight away join with your email ID and list your gigs. You may price the gig from $5 to $999. It is good for every freelancer since they can decide how much to charge for their own service. When you get an order, you need to complete the order and deliver it on time. Initially you will have a 15 days holding period to get your money and list 7 products. Once your level is up you will get chance to list more products and your payment will released quicker too.

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Guru is another website where employers hire people for small tasks. It is easier to join guru and list your talents and skills and get hire quickly. Unlike freelancer, fiverr and upwork, Guru has little competition therefore you may get hired quickly and frequently. Guru has a similar payment and listing features like freelancer.

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8. Envato Studio

Envato studio is the place where designers and developers can earn a living online. WordPress themes, php scripts, wordpress plugins, software and many website elements are created and sold on Envato. If you are designer or developer you can create website elements, themes, plugins, software and apps and sell it here. They have millions of page views every month and one of the huge market with millions of dollars monthly income. You can find many online jobs in designing and development here.

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9. People per Hour

This is another good website for getting online jobs. Over 100 million has been paid out to freelancers. Plenty of projects are posted in various categories. If you have any skills in writing, designing, development, video making, ads and thousands of jobs related website, internet marketing etc you may find online jobs easily here.

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10. Writer Access

Do you want to make a career in writing? Can you write articles, blog posts, website content, case studies, tech papers or copywriting? This is the right place for you. You can join the army of 25000 writers on writer access.

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11. Blogging Pro

This is the place where bloggers can find lucrative pay and excellent writing opportunities. Thousands of companies and website owners post their job here to find freelance bloggers who write for them. These companies pay hundreds of dollars for every blog post. You need to do good research on the topic provided and write awesome blog posts that educate and interest the readers. If you can write such articles, you will be hired regularly and well paid.

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13. 99Designs

99designs is a place for freelance designers. Thousands of designing jobs in log design, business cards, eBook cover design, flyer, posters, package design and t-shirt designing can be found here. If you are a designer and have experience in adobe illustrator and Photoshop, you can find online jobs easily on 99Designs.

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14 . App Tester Jobs

Testing apps, software and websites is another way to earn online. Many companies launch apps that can be used on android and iPhone. They need customers to test their apps and tell about the user experience. This kind of job is good for you if you have an android phone and download apps and use it and tell them how it was. They will pay nicely in return.

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15. YouTube Video Cash

YouTube is a video website where millions of videos are uploaded and billions of views it gets every month. There are many companies that pay for watching their videos, sharing their videos and even making a video for them from the comfort of your home. You can make a nice living watch and making videos at home.

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16. Affiliate Money Jobs

Hope, you have heard plenty of news about affiliate marketing and people making huge money from affiliate marketing. Yes, it is true. This is a good way to make money, without owning a domain, website or blog, selling other people’s products and getting huge commission. Making some thousand dollars a week is really possible and more over you do it passively without being involved much. That is the beauty of affiliate marketing. This job change your life forever and give you full financial freedom.

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17. SEO Clerks

Seoclerks is a less known freelancing gig site with huge traffic and sales. You can create $1 to $1000 jobs there easily make money online. This site pays you through PayPal and bitcoin. Millions of gigs are sold every month here. You can list your talent, skill here and get a part time jobs very quickly.

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18. My Tutor

Mytutor is an online tutor job site that pay very nicely for teachers. If you can teach any subject, you can join them get paid $20 per hour for the subject you teach. It is just starting pay, you may get more money depending on the demand of the subject and expertise in the subject.

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19. Glass door

Glassdoor is a well-known site in the USA with plenty of job opportunities. You can get unlimited online work based on your skill and qualification. Glassdoor blog is one of the most read job blog online. Glassdoor has service in almost every country. Find your dream online work there.

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20. Online jobs at home

There are many other online employments for people around the world depending on their skill set or even for newbies without much skills. You can work for these sites or learn from them how to earn online from home with these jobs.

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