11 Proven ways to make money online (100 dollars a day)

Everyone needs money. Money is the life blood of human being. Everybody thinks how to make money online. Learning proven ways to make money online is an important step in starting your career on internet, the never ending gold mine. It is said “No money no honey” I would change it, “No money, No life”.

Here in this article, we will learn 11 proven ways to earn online. These ways are being used by many clever people. Everybody tries to make a career online. But, 90% people fail in few months and stop working online. The reason is that they do not know how to start, where to start, what are kind of skills they should develop. We will discuss everything in details here.

Make 100 Dollars a Day

1. Become a content writer:

The world internet is revolving around content. The only chanting of website owners, businesses and marketers is content, content, content. The more content they have on their website the more visitors come to their website or blog and they make more sales and profit. There are more than a billion websites, blogs and online stores. Every business needs regular content for the websites. This opens up a huge demand for content writers in English and other languages. A good expert content writer is paid $100 to $500 per 1000 words of content he or she writes. Writing 1000 words take hardly one or 2 hours for an experienced writer. You may not get this much money initially until you establish yourself as an author on many news magazines and blogging sites. You may earn $20 to $30 for 1000 words in the beginning.

There are four kinds of content writers are in demand. Website copy writer (huge pay), eBook writers (good day), blog writers (moderate pay) and article writers (minimal pay).

Website copy writer:

Websites need high quality and professional content writer who can write excellent copy for their web pages. These kind of jobs are given to experienced writers who write regularly for corporate websites, online stores and news magazines like New York Times, Huffington post, Forbes etc. You should register as an author on 10 to 20 large and big websites and magazines and go through their test and selection process. It is not hard, all they need is quality writers with good command over English.

Expected Income: $200 per article and $5000 to $10,000 per month income.

Resource: Flexijobs, Contena

EBook writers:

Writing eBooks on various topic is a lucrative way to extra income. People outsource eBook writers to write eBooks for them to promote their products or service or guide or tutorial or even novels, stories etc. An eBook contain minimum of 2000 words to maximum of 10,000 words. Most companies pay $100 to $600 for writing an eBook. 10000 words can be well researched and written by 3 days to 1 week. You can find plenty of such opportunities to write eBook on freelancer.com

Expected income: $100 per day to $2000 per month

Resource: Sqribble FreelanceWriting

Blog post writer:

There are millions of blogs online. Most of the blogs depend on writers they outsource from online marketing companies or freelancing sites. Few topics in most demand are travel, online stores, technology, web hosting, beauty, fitness and nutrition, seo, digital marketing, insurance and finance, bitcoin, mmo, work from home, affiliate marketing, how to tutorials, guides etc.

Expected income: $50 to $200 per day

Resource: BloggingPro, ServiceScape

Article writers:

Articles are written and published in private blog networks, article directories and e-zine magazines to get backlinks and website traffic. Article writers are paid little less than other 3 jobs mentions above. The reason is, articles are of low quality and meant only for getting some backlink from directories.

Expected income: $20 to $50 per day

Resource: Fiverr, Contently Squribble

2.Take online surveys for cash

This is the way to Make money online for newbies, students, housewives or retired people. The reason is, it needs less skills or knowledge or hard work. Taking online surveys are really simple and you can have lot fun answering some simple questions and sharing your opinion on various topics. You may not make a fortune by attending online surveys. You may get gift coupons, little cash or discount offers on online stores. You may make few hundred dollars a month and it can be used to pay off your bills.

What are online surveys?

Online surveys are set of 25 to 100 questions to share your opinion about a product or service. Marketing companies send surveys through emails and after answering the surveys you will be credited with point or cash in your account. You need to accumulate some 50 or 100 dollars before your withdraw the money.

How to get online surveys?

There are many online survey scam sites. You need to be careful before choosing online survey sites. You can research well before joining or also you can find some good site that offer the list of paid online survey sites.

Here are few legitimate sites:

Surveys for cash

Cash Only Surveys

How to make 100 dollars per day

What kind of work you get:

Paid to take surveys, paid to test products, paid to watch videos, paid to play games and attending online panels.

Expected income: $50 to $100 a week.

Resource: Survey Jobs

3.How to make money online from YouTube

This is an interesting job. I love making videos for others and also my own videos on tutorials and guides.

YouTube is most watched video site online. There are over a billion videos on YouTube and thousands of videos uploaded every minute. Yes every minute, I mean it. This is a great source of income in various ways. YouTube and Google AdSense together have made many people as a millionaire. Videos are loved by people these days. People spend plenty of time watching news videos, movies, songs, tutorials, tips and many more videos on this site.

How to make money online from YouTube:

There are two ways to make money online on YouTube. One: uploading your own video and making money through views and clicks on ads. Two: Making videos for others and uploading in your channel.

Steps to create a YouTube channel:

Create a Gmail Account:

In order to create a channel in YouTube, first of all you need to open an account with Gmail. YouTube was purchased by Google few years ago and it works only with a Gmail account and AdSense account to earn money.  Opening an account with Gmail is easy, just give out some basic information like name, phone number, country etc. You may also use a business name for opening an account. For example: First name: Gaming Last name: Guru and you can choose an email gaminguru at Gmail.com or whatever related name available with Gmail. Once you open an account, you may receive an OPT with sms text or call to confirm your account.

Create an AdSense account:

AdSense is a company owned by Google or a Service by Google. You can monetize your websites, blogs or YouTube channels with this. The more visitors your website or channel receive, the more you get the chance to earn good money online. The visitors come and click on an ad displayed on your video will be credited with $1 to $10 depending on the category and country. For example, if you get clicks from 2nd tier countries like China, Korea, and India…etc. you will get 15 cents to 75 cents. But, if you get clicks from first tier countries like USA, UK or Canada You may get $2 to $25 depending on the keyword. It also depends on the keyword on which the ad was clicked. Some high paying keywords are insurance, mortgage, cars, website, hosting etc. If you get clicks from a funny video, or a song or music or movie, you get less money. You should be smart enough to make videos on high paying keywords and upload to your channel. It may take 2 to 4 weeks for AdSense approval, they will send a code to your physical address through direct mail. You need to enter the code and get your account confirmed. After that, you can add your bank account or PayPal details so that you can receive money from Google AdSense.

Create YouTube Channel:

You have completed the first 2 steps, creating Gmail account and then Creating AdSense account. Now, the third step is to join YouTube with your Gmail account and then create your Channel. After that, create some simple videos like tutorial videos, how to videos and then share it with friends. You should add good keywords related to your video in title and description. Also you may add those keywords in video tags. After your videos start getting views you can monetize those videos with AdSense. If your videos get 1 to 10 million views per month, probably you may make money online around 1000 to 3000 dollars a month easily.

Creating videos for others:

Many people do not know how to create professional videos and add titles and voice overs. Therefore, they hire freelancers and talented video makers to make videos for them. You may earn $50 to $500 per video depending on the video you make. Learning some simple video editing skills with Sony Vegas, adobe after effects, powerlink DVD will help you a lot. You may find lot video making jobs in every freelancing sites. You may also create your own blog or website and get orders in local market from YouTubers. This is a good job for housewives, students and people with little knowledge about editing videos and giving voice over in background of the videos. If you do not have good voice, you can outsource voice over or even use software and robotic voice.

Expected income: $500 to $1000 a month.

Resource: YouTube Video Jobs

4. App Tester Jobs

In recent years, usage of android phones, iPhone, smart phones, tablets and many devices has increased massively. There are millions of apps have been listed in Google Play store and IPhone store. Many companies need real people to test their apps on phone and tell about the user experience. This help these app developer to minimize bugs, fix up problems and user difficulties and improve their app. Therefore they pay $2 to $10 per app to test the apps on your smart phone. There are many companies that are looking for app testers worldwide. In this job, there is no country or region restriction. All you need is a smart phone or a laptop or computer to test apps and tell them about the experience. These companies pay via PayPal most time. Make sure you have a PayPal account to receive payments.

Here are few app tester companies list:

User Testing

Test Birds

Expected income: $50 to 200 a month

Resource: Appcoiner

5. Become a WordPress designer

WordPress is the world’s best and easiest website creation platform. There are over 50 million websites and blogs have been designed and developed on wordpress. WordPress is the easiest website maker to learn. You can learn wordpress in few weeks to few months and earn cash online after little or no effort since there are several million websites that need design changes, technical issues, uploading, editing and much more jobs. You can find wordpress jobs everywhere on the internet on every job website like indeed, monster, freelancer, fiverr, upwork and many more.

How to learn wordpress:

Learning wordpress very simple. You can learn from their help resource or YouTube tutorial videos. There thousands and thousands on websites and video tutorial available. Installing wordpress, basic theme installation, appearance change, page builders, plugins and sliders are some very basic things you need to learn. This can be learned in few weeks.


Every hosting company provide wordpress as a free service. When you enter into their hosting control panel you will find links like “install wordpress” “softacluous wordpress” “connect wordpress to hosting” You may click on the link and simple connect your domain, all the need is to type you email and a password for wordpress login. You need to choose the root domain where you want to install wordpress.  It will be installed in few seconds and a confirmation email with details will be sent to you. You are ready to go now.


There many free themes available inside the wordpress. You may also use paid themes for a website. There are millions of themes are available in websites like theme forest or envato market. According the website need or business need you can choose themes. Some major businesses are online stores, video website, gaming website, blogs, travel website, beauty websites, fitness websites, e-learning website, real estate websites, membership website, newspaper and magazines, hospital, doctor, therapist website and much more themes.

Page Builders:

There are many page builders are available for wordpress. Most of them are just drag and drop model with easy to use interface. King compose, div builder, elementor are few of the most used builders. You can design beautiful page headers, sliders, in page elements through these page builders easily. Most of the page builders works in a grid and it is good for page speed and mobile responsible website.  You can simple drag images, videos or content in grids and edit them. H1 H2 H3 Tags can be added and content and fonts can be formatted quickly.


Plugins are important in wordwpress. Plugins help to add new features to the website. Plenty of free and paid plugins are available for various functioning. Examples are Optin form plugin, contact form plugin, page builder plugin, seo plugin, page speed plugin and much more. Many coders and developers develop plugins and sell on wordpress market or other code and script markets like envato.


Sliders play a major role in any website home page. Sliders make the website beautiful with sliding images or videos. Although they may make the page speed slower, most big companies prefer the sliders to create a corporate image. Many sliders can be designed or bought from online marketplace and add to the home page.

These are some very basic functions and designing methods of wordpress. You can learn these things in few weeks and earn money online. Earning money online as designer is a good and lucrative part time job. You may do the job in spare time. Most of the websites in wordpress can be designed in 5 to 10 hours or hard work. 5 pages website can be made in 10 hours or less and earn 100 dollars to 300 dollars easily.

Make $100 per day

6 Start selling eBooks, software and PLR, MRR products

Before selling eBooks and software, you should know what is PLR or MMR.

What is PLR-Private Label Rights?

Private label right products are the info products are software products that come with full selling right and modification rights. After buying PLR products, you can edit them as you like, add content as you like and brand it with your own name. Private label right products are good way to earn money online. PLR products can be bought in very cheap price and re-sold to huge profit.

What are MRR-Master Resell Rights?

Master resell right means you can resell the product and also you can give right to others to resell them. But, you cannot edit or modify the content of the products. MRR products are good for earning online.

Why PLR and MRR?

Easy to make money online. Comes with mini websites, images, banners and all files to start a website, various categories to suit every niche. Buying some eBooks and software from resell right websites and building your own resell right empire is simple and easy. It takes very little investment. A domain and hosting for 50 dollars and PLR rights for 30 to 40 dollars. With this much of small investment you can expect to earn huge money online. PLR products sell in between $7 to $99 normally. If you sell even 5 products a day you may make thousands of dollars every month.

Expected income: $1000 to $2000 a month.

Resource: PLR and MRR Products

7.Start an online store and drop shipping

This is one of the good online jobs available and you may need some initial investment.

Billions of people purchase products and services online these day. Online shopping has become vital in today’s life of human beings. Groceries, clothes, gaming consoles, electronics, home needs, medicines, toys, jewelleries, ornaments, beauty products, health and fitness products, food items and many more items are purchased by people these days. Nobody wants to move a muscle and getting lazy and become addict to online shopping. You can utilize this to make money.

Starting an online store is very easy these days with lot of ready-made and plug and play software available to create a drop shipping business.

How to start an online store:

Buy a domain and hosting:

The very first step in creating your online store is to buy a domain and website hosting for your online store. Decide some good name for your business and then go to hostgator or godaddy to book your domain and website hosting.  It may take hardly 20 dollars.

Book your cheap hosting here

Decide what to sell:

Do some research and find which products are in huge demand, which products have good profit margin, which products have good returning buyers. Make a list of the quantity, colour and sizes of the products and decide how much inventory you want to keep.

Find wholesale dealers or manufacturer:

After deciding the products and inventory, approach wholesalers or manufacturers or importers and find out the price and profit of each product. Procure the product and keep it at your home. Alibaba, Amazon, otto, JD are few places where you can find plenty of wholesalers and manufacturers to buy products.

Important resource: Salehoo

Build online store in few weeks

Shopify and bigcommerce are the well know online shopping platforms where you can create your own online store easily. Join them and start building your store quickly. Collect images of the products and list them on your store. After listing some 100 to 200 products of your choice. You can start selling online.

Set up a small office at home:

Buy a printer and stationary products to make invoices and dispatch the products. Contact local courier companies and make deal to send out products to your customers. If you send more products, they may give a good discount to you.

Promote your online store:

You can promote your online store for free in many social media sites like Facebook. You can promote it through pay per click ads, banners, blog posts, classifieds websites like craigslist, olx, buysell and through email marketing list. It depends on your budget how much you invest in promotional activities. This is good model to earn money online. After few months, you will start making a regular income from your online store.

Expected income: $500 to $2000 a month

Resources: Bigcommerce, Shopify, Hostgator, Email list

8. Work as eBay or Amazon affiliate

If the above method is not suitable for you, since you need some investment to begin, you may start working as Amazon associate affiliate or eBay affiliate without any investment. You can join them for absolutely free and start to earn money online.

Amazon is the world’s leader in online shopping business and has millions of products to sell with various commission structure. Most of Amazon products can be sold for 8% to 20% commission. Since Amazon is well known company, you do not need to build trust with customers. You can promote their products and easily earn good commission. Find some high paying products and promote them. If you sell smart phone or laptop you may get little commission whereas products like clothes and drones or adult products may get you good income.

EBay is an old company and you can join them as an affiliate and promote products. EBay also pays similar to Amazon. Choose your choice of products, do some research on top selling products, know you target market and start selling and earn huge money online.

EBay and Amazon are good payers, they pay regularly to affiliates through PayPal or Direct bank transfer. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can open one for free.

Expected income: $200 to $5000

Resources: Amazon associate, EBay Partners

9.Hosting Affiliate Programs

This is really an awesome way to earn money online. Most of the hosting affiliate programs pay huge commission. Many companies pay in between $50 to $150 per sale. You may choose big hosting companies like hostgator, bluehost, arvixe or A2 to earn good commission.

Selling 10 to 20 website hosting service per month could get your somewhere around $1500 to $2500. Most companies have a slab system, as your sales quantity increase, they increase your payment. For example: if you make 10 sales a month, you may get $75 per sale. But if you make 20 sales, you can get $125 per sale. If you make 50 sales a month, you may get $150 per sale. Similarly they increase the amount of commissions.

This is the good way to earn money online if you know little bit of online marketing. You should know how to promote these hosting products. Forums, social media, review sites and blog are the places where you can promote them and earn cash.

Expected income: $1500 to $3000 a month

Resources: hostgator, A2

10 Designing work

You may make plenty of money with designing work. Many companies need business cards, logos, flyers, posters and banners for their business and online website or stores.

Learning designing take very little time say 2 or 3 months. Some basic software you need to learn are adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator and adobe InDesign. These are three desk top applications that can help you create beautiful images, banners, logos, flyers, card and much more.

Photoshop: It is a software from Adobe. Perhaps you know it already. This can help you create images, edit them, correct colours, type words, add and edit designs and much more. This is the very basic software for image making, most of the basic tools used in Photoshop is also used in many other software, therefore learning Photoshop is very basic for a designer.

Adobe Illustrator: This is another software from adobe, it helps creating stunning images, logos, and designs.

Adobe InDesign: This helps in making beautiful flyers, posters, website banners, huge display banners and screen images. It comes with many pre-designed sizes and images that can be used as a template.

After you learn these software you can easily work a designer online. Freelancing sites like freelancer, upwork, fiverr, and people per hour have lot of jobs for designers. Most of the jobs pay $50 to $200 per work.

Expected Income: $200 to $750 per month

Resources: Adobe CC, Canva, freelancer, 99designs

11. Start an Email Marketing Reseller Business

Email marketing is the most used method by many big and small businesses. Without email marketing, companies may loss repeated buyers and new buyers. To get new sales they need to do email marketing for their products and service. Email marketing gives good result as compared to other marketing such videos, social media, banners, media buyer, and TV and newspaper ads. Email marketing is considered one of the best marketing method with very good ROI.

You can learn email marketing and set up you email marketing company. It does not need an office or devices, you can set up this virtually and work online. You may set up VPS server and create email account and make pricing plans and sell email marketing services and email sending services. This will give you regular and passive income from home. The more you get new customers, the more your sales and income month by month increases.

 Another great way is to resell email list and make huge money online. Many companies are eager to buy email lists for their marketing. You may use this demand and buy huge reseller email lists and set up your own email list reselling business and make huge income online.

Expected income: $1000 to $5000 a month

Resources: Reseller Email List

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