6 Unknown secrets to make $100 every day on fiverr? (Expert tips)

Every freelancer know about fiverr. Fiverr is the leading freelance market with almost 4 million micro tasks and more than million freelancers and buyers. It is easy to make money from fiverr. Since there are thousands of freelancers doing the same jobs it is very difficult for newbies or inexperienced freelancers to get more orders and make money on fiverr. I have been working on fiverr as freelancer more than 10 years and I am a top rated seller on fiverr. (I am making almost 500 dollars every single day.)

I thought I can share some secret tips that I use to get regular orders from the buyers and also keep good rating and reviews on my fiverr account to maintain the top rated seller level.

Here are those secret tips. After reading, do not forget to share this post with your friends.

1. Promote your gigs outside fiverr

You will not get order just listing your gig on fiverr.  When someone searches on fiverr for a service. Fiverr shows up only gigs with good rating, reviews and top or level 1 or 2 sellers. It is hard for new sellers to rank high on fiverr so that you can get more orders. Therefore you should always promote your gig out side of fiverr to get more orders. Here are few places where you can promote your gig.


Quora is an online community for questions and answered. Shorten your URL and promote it in quora answers to get more views and orders.


Same rule applies here, promote it on facebook groups with at least 10000 members minimum and share with your friends and on pages.


Create a small video about your gig and promote it on YouTube. You will get visitors and order from fiverr.


This is professional network with millions of members worldwide. Create a page and promote your gig on LinkedIn.

2. Create backlinks for your gig

What is a backlink? Backlink is a hyperlink to your keyword or anchor text from other websites. Many search engines value the backlink to index the pages on their search results. Fiverr has already 3.7 million Google indeed pages and the Alexa rank is 256. If you can create few backlinks to your gig and Google will index your gig fast and you will be amazed to see how many orders you get. I get 20 orders every day from Google indexed fiverr pages, some time I get more than 50 orders and I pause my gig until I finish orders. This is awesome.

3. Getting 5 star reviews

If you get good reviews, your gigs will be shown in search results on top on fiverr. All you need to get a 5 star review is to request the buyer after delivery. Request politely to give a positive review and offer them a special bonus or offer. For example: if the buyer buy 20 ad posting gig, while delivering the order you can inform the buyer that if he leaves a 5 star review, you will give him 10 extra ad posting for free. This please the buyer, 99% people will give good review. (Note: requesting for 5 star is against fiverr rules. But you can do it with little trick like attaching a file)

4. Cross promote your gig

What is this? It is simple. You should become a member in other freelancing sites like upwork, freelancer, etc. and let other buyer about your gig. You can write them like this: Hey, I saw your project about the job…..I am providing the same job on fiverr for terribly low price. Here you pay 100 dollars, but you can get the same in fiverr for $5 to $25. Please have a look at my gig”. Most of the buyers will see your gig and order.

5. Write a blog post or guest post

If you have a blog you can write about your service and promote it. By doing so, you get visitors to your gigs. If you do not own a blog or website, do not need to worry, write some 500 to 750 words article and publish in other guest blogging sites with traffic. You will get plenty of visitors and order through blogs and guest blogging. You can find an opportunity for guest posting here.

6. Create a simple landing page for your gig

What is landing page or squeeze page? It is a simple page with some attractive words about 50 to 100 words and a lead capture page to capture emails. This will work wonders. If you build a landing page and give some free gift like an eBook or guide download, you can get the emails of interested people and then follow up them your gigs or any other services and get plenty of orders and make huge money. For that, you should first join aweber or constant contact or any email marketing company to build an optin form and then find a freelancer to build a landing page squeeze page lead capture page and then promote it to build a prospects email list.